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tv   [untitled]    May 30, 2013 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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external financial support. if that was taken away, artists would still do their art. it is not like there is a prerequisite for these things to happen or i will not do it. how could that be? it is the relationship that you have committed to. it is the vocation. no matter how difficult it gets, you are going to need to produce your art. whether it is a large scale or very small scale. the need to create is going to happen, and you are going to have to fulfill it because that is your life.
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>> the meeting will call to order. welcome to the regular meeting of the government audit and oversight committee. my name is malia cohen and i am the chair and to my right is supervisor katy tang and to my left is supervisor david campos and the clerk of the committee is the ever fabulous miss andrea. and i would like to thank our friends up in sfgovtv for broadcasting this meeting. i would like to acknowledge jennifer low and jesse t. larson:madame clerk any announcements today. >> yes, please make sure to silence all electronic devices and files submitted to clerk and items will appear on the june 4th, 2013 board of
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supervisors agenda unless otherwise state >> thank you, madame clerk cowl call item no. 1. >> resolution declaring the intention to renew and expand property-based business improvement district known as the central market community benefit district >> ladies and gentlemen, we have lisa pagan and daniel hurtado from the land use and economic development committee and they are here to present this item. would you like to start your presentation? thank you. >> good morning, chair cohen and committee members, supervisors tang and campos, i am lisa pagan, senior director with the land use and economic development committee and i am presenting the letter of intention sponsored by supervisor kim to renew and expand cannot property-based business improvement district known as the central market community benefit district. here today with daniel hurtado, the executive director of the existing central market community benefit district. the central market cbd is coming to an end of its
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seven-year term when its assessment collection term ends. the services will be provided to existing property owners within the cbd boundaries through the end of december. members of the board of directors of central market cbd and cbd renewal steering committee have been conducting outreach over a year in an effort to determine if there was an among residents and merchants and yes, should the renewed cbd use the existing boundaries or was an expanded boundary preferable to achieve the cbd's in the neighborhood's goalsin the other things that they were looking into, over the past year was what services would the renewed district need to provide in order to meet the current needs the central market area based on the lessons learned and what should the assessment methodology look like to provide the needed services? in addition, how long
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should a new district, if established be in place, given the goals that the area and the cbd would like to achieve? on may 14th of this year, the central market cbd presentedt board of supervisors with petitions representing 32.55 weighted percent weighted support in favor of renewing and expanding the central metropolitan air market cbd for 15 years. the proposed budget for the district is $1,225,433. of which $1.180 million will come from assessment funds in the first year. this budget will double cbd's current budget and boundaries would quadruple the number of parcels included within the cbd's area from the current about 217 parcels to approximately 806 parcels in the proposed renewed boundaries. all of these parcels would be provided with a variety of
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supplemental service activities and improvements in order to benefit their properties, their businesses and the neighborhood. if the proposed resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to renew and expand the property-based business improvement district known as the central market community benefit district is approved by the board of supervisors, the department of elections will mail out ballots to all parcel owners within the proposed expanded boundaries on or near june 7th. perthe resolution of intention on july 23rd a ballot hearing would occur, where ballots would be counted. if the required property owner vote threshold is met on july 23rd or soon thereafter, the board could hear the matter, the board of supervisors would vote to establish the renewed district. if approved the district would begin collecting assessments as of july 1st, 2013. and services in the expanded boundaries would begin january, 2014. the existing cbd area will be serviced again until the end of
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the calendar year, with assessment funds that were collected from the levy in fiscal year 12-13. daniel hurtado the executive director has prepared a presence to go over the specific boundaries and specific services, the budget and goals for the proposed renewed and expanded central market cbd. so i want to turn the rest of the presentation over to daniel, but we're both here to answer your questions about the letter of intention and any of the documents submited with that for your consideration. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, honorable supervisors, committee members. my name is daniel hutado, i am the executive director of the central market community benefit district and i'm here this morning, also representing the steering committee for the renewal and expansion of the district. i will be sharing highlights of the central market community benefit district or central
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market cbd, it's mission, purposes, services and benefits. i will also be sharing our reasons for request for renewal and expansion of the cbd. a community benefit district is a geographic area where property owners have voted in favor for paying supplemental services. above is city-based line services and pool their resources in order to improve the neighborhood and increase the safety, cleanliness and economic vitality within the district. the mission of the central market [skr*-bd/] is to improve the quality of life in the public realm and create and clean and safe environment for residents, workers, visitors, merchants in san francisco's central market community benefit district. these are the existing boundaries of the central market community benefit district, with the district covering the areas of market street, primely the south side of market, from 5th street to
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9th. >> can the slides be shown on the sfgovtv? >> from 5th street to 9th street and touching on mission street. here are a few highlights of the central market cbd. the cbd was formed in 2006 through property owner vote and approval bit san francisco board of supervisors within the annual assessment budget of $535,000 and it's managed by a non-profit 501(c)(3) with executive director and community members and stakeholders the assessments of the cbd expire june, 2013 and if the distribute is not
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renewed these cbd services and benefits will cease at the end of this calendar year. these services include community guides programs, public space cleaning and maintenance, economic development support and advocacy. here are examples of our accomplishments since the inception of the cbd, and the work we do daily to address the crucial needs of the neighborhood, with the core concentration in the critical areas of social service outreach, supporting public safety, daily clean up of trash, human waste, needles and graffiti. i also want to stress that we don't do this work alone. we maximize our resources by partnering with other area non-profits, organizations, social service providers, private sector and the city to make this area cleaner, safer and healthier. all of this effort and hard work is making a positive difference in the district and as an example we were recognized ated business improvement district of the year in san francisco in 2011.
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the central market community benefit district and community recognizes the need to build on the success of the cbd and it's accomplishments in the areas of safety, cleanliness and public realm quality of life and we want to continue it the positive change in central market by enhancing services and also expanding services and benefits to support areas in need where services either previously did not exist or such as in the case of the th street corridor where services were once provided and supported through the san francisco redevelopment agency. we want to attract new business and investment in central market. and also, there is a significant community interest in being included in the cbd and also receiving the cbd services. so we want to be able to provide a unified voice for the central market community and also meet the needs of the neighborhood. the process to renew and expand
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the cbd has been a community-driven and supported effort that began in april, 2012 through the formation of a sphering committee comprised of neighborhood property owners, residents, merchants and community-based organizations, many of whom are here today. we conducted extensive community outreach to ensure that we engaged and listened to the needs, and concerns of the community. and this process was open and transparent;. which result in thes had a proposed boundaries and services, which we proposing this morning and supported by the cbd majority management plan and this map identifies the boundaries of new and expand cbd with the area highlights in blue identifying the current boundaries of the district and areas highlighted in green. we're proposing a 15-year term with a bethlehem of budget of $1.2 million and we worked with
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project consultants and the office workforce and economic development and city attorney's office and reviewed by supervisor kim and staff to determine the appropriate rates and methodology. as demonstrated by the chart the budget is primarily al cased for public safety and cleaning and maintenance in the public realm with support for economic development programs and management of the district. the proposed budget allows for an increased and enhancement of services. as demonstrated by this chart, the community guides program for example would increase from two full-time community guides to six. our clean streets team increases from 2 to 6 people and funding would also allow for a officer program to support pedestrian safety initiatives and help address crime in the district. the budget also allocates funding for a focused and strategic economic development program and services would be provided to the cbd where none previously existed and
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management staff would increase with a staff assistant. these slides provide details of the proposed services for this cbd under the category of cleaning and maintenance services, such as sidewalk sweeping and graffiti abatement, renewable trash and debris, power-washing and spot cleaning. under "public safety," the community guide service would increase as mentioned, addressing pedestrian safety, social service outreach, merchant outreach, and visitor information. also allocating for an officer program to support public safety initiatives in the district and also dispatch services would continue to provide service requests line for the community. the budget as mentioned would allocate -- would also allot for economic development program support in the areas of business attraction and
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business retention. as well as management services, and the management of the district, day-to-day operations, advocacy and fundraising for the district. the budget also calls for support under marketing and promotion and identity of the district through district marketing, branding and promotion of merchants and businesss in the area. just as we conducted a community outreach process to determine these proposed boundaries and services, there is also a formal legal process, which we adhere to as part of the proposed renewal expansion of the cbd. one of these critical steps we recently completed, which we started in march of this year is property owner petition process. we're excited to announce that we exceeded the legally required minimum 30% weighted support and are pleased to report only a 6.4 weighted opposition. this brings us to where we are today, to share with you about the mission, the purpose and
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services of the cbd, our accomplishments of the past term of the district and to president present to you the community's needs and request renewed expansion of the community benefit district and it's proven benefits. the success of the cbd has been supported by our mayor, mayor lee that demonstrates positive impacts that cbd service and investment have on our city's commercial neighborhood corridors and quoting our mayor, "as each neighborhood take and economic step forward, so does our city." so we ask for your support in moving this forward. i want to thank the central market community and the members of the steering committee, many of whom are here this morning. as can you see the steering committee consists of property
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owners, and merchants, to art groups, et cetera. community-based organizations are also represented on the steering committee, like michael of the alliance for better district 6 and residents like catherine, who has lived at 6th and market street for many years and i want to thank everyone and thank you for your support and guidance in this process. thank you. >> great, thank you. now i would like to move to public comment. are there any members of the public that would like to speak on this item? if so, please step up. thank you very much. i think we have got one more. >> hi, thank you and good morning. my name is antoinetta and i live on 6th street and i was the chair of the redevelopment committee for about the last ten years before redevelopment was shutdown early last year. and yes, we did a lot -- a
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number of things. we had street guides, street cleaning, a number of services that helped along the street and of course that all vanishd when redevelopment was shutdown by the state. so on one level, this would help to resurrect the services, but on another level, since the money and support is coming from within the community, i think in the longer range, we're not people that are going to come up running up to city hall with the hand out every time we want to do something in the community and the more we can do on our own, the better, as time goes on. so i think it will make the community more self-sustaining and i would completely support passage of this into the future. thank you. >> i have four names in front of me. [ reading speakers' names ].
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>> good morning, supervisors, i am here representing the association coalition of san francisco, when i am a co-founder of and central market cbd expansion would be a great asset to the continuing work of the cbd and our downtown area. and for it to double or triple in size by the parcel numbers, i think was great, but i was wishing it would get a little bit bigger, but it didn't. i wanted more of the south of market expansion. so i appreciate the first step that has been passed and has been stated, the 32% has already been weighed in and now we're looking forward for the vote for the final passage of the cbd and forming of it for 15 years. so i look forward to the process, and i look forward to the property owners weighing in on this and also the community benefiting from the
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benefits of the community benefit district in the future. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker jim haas. >> supervisor i'm jim hooser and the principal gateway is the transit station and particularly will the grove street entrance and that has been a hellish experience for people in the last year. there have been enumerable shopping carts with guys sitting around drinking and getting into fights, et cetera. it's the largest source of complaints to the performing arts organizations that they have. this is driven by -- has been driven by the illegal recycling trucks that have -- that the city has allowed to populate. these are a major activity and they have been parked on 8th street and they have subsidized
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the guys in the trucks with payments of cash and drugs. now this problem, nobody cares, the police department didn't care and the central market cbd didn't care because a lot of activities happen when they close down and with the support of the mayor's office i have waged a war against these trucks for the last six or eight months and i'm pleased to say that they have gone away. this is because that the hiring of 10b officers. but the problem is that by historic anomaly, the triangle block relating to the grove street station is in the central market cbd. they have not shown particularly any interest in dealing with that grove street parcel and when this reorganization started i suggested that they move the parcel into the civic center
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block and that was summarily dismissed. so i would like you to order that the program for the new central market cbd include evening and weekend ambassador services particularly around the burger king to make sure that kind of activity doesn't continue in the future. >> thank you very much, mr. haas. >> thank you, board members. i am the president of central market community benefit district, but i have another hat of the social service at 6th and mission working with severely mentally ill adults that mostly live in the central market district. staff goes on the streets and into hotels to work with people who have severe illness to overcome and i want to say that the improvement of the last
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seven years in the safety on the streets, the cleanliness on the streets, and the cultural events on the streets, that many of the low-income clients we serve can participate has been marked by the case managers and the clients. we are really excited to renew the central market community benefit district and to extend the 6th corridor to increase the safety for the clients that we serve. thank you. >> thank you, dr. jack. next is william thatcher. [ reading speakers' names ]. >> good morning. as an eye doctor on 6th street i hardly lend my support on supervisor kim's resolution to
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expand the central market community benefit district. with the demise of redevelopment, we lost important services one is the guide that not only aided the residents, but also the merchants and when there were merchant problems they were right there and i utilize them often. the second thing was cleaning, which they tended to keep the alleys clean and they removed the encampments when they occurred at night. after redevelopment left, we sort of -- 6th street sort of reverted back to the pre-redevelopment days unfortunately, but now, due to our esteemed supervisor jane kim, we're once again starting the process of improving the 6th street corridor, the gateway to our city. the first thing is the safety hub, which has made a major effect on the street and the safety of the residents and this would really add to the
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6th street revitalization, which would be supporting the expansion of the central market community benefit district onto the 6th street corridor to bring back the much-needed services that we lost. so i'm very much in favor of this and i'm very excited about what is going on 6th street after being there eight years, i have firsthand knowledge of seeing it before all of the services and now, it's just becoming a much better place. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speak, william thatcher. >> good morning and thank you for the opportunity to speak. i am the chair of the steering committee for the expansion of the cbd. i am also a board member of the cbd, and a property owner on market street and 6th. i just wanted to express my
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support of the cbd, and the critical functions and services that it provides the city and the neighborhood and the community, in which is part of mayor lee's overall plan to increase the safety, and cleanliness of the area. as a property owner, we have noticed the increase in cleanliness and safety in the area. my merchants appreciate all of the services that are provided, especially the community guides or the ambassadors in this case, which help the tourists and the people , the homeless
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that they need resources that they connect them to. so this is a critical service that the mid-market area and community needs, and those are my comments for this morning. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, tracy. >> good morning i'm tracy everwine with urban solutions an economic development organization that has been working in this neighborhood since 1982. i myself have worked on 6th street in particular since 2005. and i must say with all of the strategies that we have implemented to try to improve cleanliness and safety on the streets for the residents and the merchants, nothing has been as successful as the services provided by the central market community benefit district.
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with redevelopment agency funding, we had the luxury of contracting with the cmcbd to provide maintenance services on 6th street, the community guides, and regular steam cleaning and pressure washing and it was just a tremendous asset. having lost those services, you can see what a big step backwards the conditions have taken. as of late on 6th street, so we are very much in support of renewing and expanding this community benefit district. and we really look forward to getting the services back. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, catherine. >> good morning, my name is
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catherine barnett and i was shocked by the disarray of the condition of the streets and as a concerned resident i became involved in the cbd, now serving on the board and executive committee. every month we go through stacks of documentation of all the graffiti that they have cleaned up, the homeless people that they have gotten into services. at some points even saving them from suicide. they are really, really great and they have the smiling faces. we also work on getting the area of arts and cultural center, so we have all kinds of programs of the arts in the street and the ballet and theater district and getting performances happening and greening the park, little parklets. as a tenant in the area, i am all for the cdc. they have really done great work. thank you >> thank you very much.
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next speaker we'll have brian smith followed by ralph lee. richard lewis perry. robin anderson. and nick berg. >> hi, thank you board, i am brian smith, the owner of blackberry bicycles on 6th and we opened a little over a year ago. we have been very successful and i don't think we could have done it without the foundation laid by the cm cbd over the last years. it's really critical for my now nine employees and thousands of customers to feel safe and comfortable coming to the neighborhood and coming into my bicycle shop and getting on an expensive bike and riding it around the neighborhood. i really strongly support the renewal of the cm. cbd and i think that the people such as
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myself who have invested in the neighborhood and the people who live in the neighborhood and the thousands of people moving to this neighborhood, and investing in the future in this neighborhood, will be way worse off if the cm. cbd is not allowed to renew and continue the work that they have already done. thank you very much. >> thank you very much, ralph lee, next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. my name is ralph lee, the general manager for the hotel whitcom, a hotel with 160 rooms and i am speaking on behalf of the renewal and expanse of the cbd. the hotel has $2 million in transient occupation tax that goes to the city. if we can continue to keep the streets clean and safe, and that revenue n